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Scale your business!

Connect all your apps at one place. Build complex workflows in minutes!

Easy and intuitive Workflow automation

Leado empowers world class managers to create and run efficient workflows - without IT help.

Social Media Marketing Automation

Engage with and Convert your leads faster and better by automating Social Media Marketing

Email Automation

Leado helps you create tailored marketing campaigns for each segment of your audience to help advertise products and services in efforts to efficiently and effectively engage new customers.

SMS automation

Automate your SMS campaigns and workflows to effectively engage with your audience
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Why Leado?


Integrate easily

Connect any of your apps, and design how these interact with each other


Do it fast

Entire setup can be done in a matter of minutes



No need for a dedicated development team


Derive Analytics

Dashboards for easier visualization of the performance

Businesses find it hard to tie up all their growth and engagement activities

65% of time is spent on resolving day-to-day transactions without much value add

  • The time span between the decision(idea) to implementation is 16-20 weeks
  • 60% of the spend goes to maintain/update the systems
  • 42% of the implementations result in no-benefit because of various factors
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You can improve customer onboarding and engagement by acting in real-time, this further helps in improving your conversion rates. Also, having better control over data flow, meaning detailed insights about your customers.
Additionally, this helps in improving your ROI by reducing/removing manual effort, increasing efficiency leading to way faster turnaround times.

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Real-time action using automation helps in improving your conversion rates

Increase RoI

Better control over data flow, meaning detailed insights about your customers improves RoI

Swap integrations with ease

Connect any of your apps with ease and swap between them with equal ease

Centralized data warehouse

All your data at one place. Start campaigns with ease and analyze them

Plug and Play - No IT help needed

Integrate with click of a button. No programming efforts required

All your analytics at one place

Dashboards for easier visualization of the performance

Reduction in drop-off rates
Increased conversion rates
Integrations with workflows
< 5
Minutes to integrate

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